Designing Your Custom Wardrobe Is A Collaborative Effort

When you say 'clothing designer', many brand names may pop into mind – but one of the best clothing designers is YOU, working in conjunction with your custom or bespoke tailor!

Yes, you too can be called a clothing designer when you work with your tailor to design and create suits and garments that are one-of-a-kind pieces for you to wear. Never thought of yourself as a men's clothing designer; but love working with a bespoke tailor to determine exactly which luxury fabrics and details best represent you to the world via your suit? Then you should think of yourself as a men's clothing designer, and as a designer of the statement you make to the world. You and your custom or bespoke tailor may just be the most important men's clothing designer you ever encounter!

Many bespoke tailors are finding that as more men become interested in buying fine pieces of clothing, and in having a hand in customizing those garments, their range of clientele is expanding. In the past, many tailors found that a majority of their clients were older generations, looking for quality in every day clothing that over the decades has generally gone by the wayside with cheap manufacturing and labor practices. The attention to detail and customization aspects of men's clothing is appealing to newer generations though, and more and more men are finding pleasure in wearing garments that really reflect who they are and the statement about themselves that they want to make to the world. Custom suits lined in unexpected patterns or colors, pockets with custom folds, sewing or other details, the use of vintage or colored buttons are a few examples of the way that you, working with your bespoke tailor, can become the architect of your own wardrobe.

A full men's clothing designer should offer a wide range of options to his clients. A men's clothing designer shouldn't just be someone famous who lends his name to a range of garments produced for no man in particular, pulled together by machines in third-world countries. Men's clothing designers should love men's clothing, and specialize in it. Your bespoke tailor and men's clothing designer should be just as comfortable with custom dress shirts as he is trousers and suit jackets. Sweaters, and accessories complete a man's look, and add to his individuality. Instead of wearing mass-produced off-the-rack clothing that's been cut wide and loose to fit the majority of men in any set size, your custom tailor and men's clothing designer will design an entire wardrobe based only on YOU. Your measurements will be taken, patterns will be made and stored by your bespoke tailor. These patterns will form the base of shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, casual pants, suit pants and more.

Hollywood and Beverly Hills bespoke tailor Woody Wilson is proud to be a full men's clothing designer; working alongside each client to design and direct the wardrobe of their dreams. After talking to Woody about the statement you want to make to the world, to your prospective and current clients, to your romantic partners, friends and family, you will work together to bring that vision to life through luxurious imported Italian fabrics, and top-of-the-line luxury leather accessories hand selected to pair with your lifestyle and your clothing.

If you are ready to take your wardrobe to the next level and stand out in a crowd no matter where life takes you, call us today. We look forward to discussing your dreams and visions with you, and bringing those to life through the best garment craftsmanship, quality fabrics and luxury details. Our private showroom is conveniently located on Wilshire Boulevard, and we are open by appointment only, ensuring that you get the personal attention necessary to really act as a true men's clothing designer to, and with, you.

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