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Learn the difference between bespoke, custom, made to measure and off the rack. Don't be fooled, know how to differentiate between top quality fabrics and understand what dictates a quality fit. Feel confident in communicating your expectations. Our goal is to give you the best fit based on your body type.


〉 Select the style that accentuates the best you and projects the image you've always aspired
〉 Fabric selection - over 10,000 high quality choices in stock
〉 Buttons/stitching and custom details help distinguish your garment from all the rest


〉 This is the most crucial step in the process of your bespoke experience
〉 Over two decades of experience are at your disposal when your body is measured for your garments
〉 Nuisances of your body are taken into consideration in this process


〉 Fabrics are imported from Italy and the United Kingdom
〉 Our garments are 90% hand tailored right here in the USA
〉 Quality control is paramount with daily check points in the assembly process
〉 Details like pick stitching, functional buttons, hand stitched button holes and special lining


Bespoke tailors don't just craft garments; they craft YOUR vision of yourself and create a wearable piece of art that represents you in your best light. The bespoke process requires a level of customization and face-to-face interaction not required by any other clothing making process.

Your bespoke tailor will be creating your suit with his/her own two hands; hand sewing each and every detail. This is quite simply not a process you'll ever experience with anything less than bespoke.

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